College Athletes

CEO Fellows for Student Athletes

CEO Fellows for Student Athletes

98% of college athletes will not become paid professionals.  The smart ones, however, use their short window as a student athlete to build a foundation for long-term business success after graduation.

In this track you'll learn from CEOs, executive coaches and iconic leaders. 

Who Should Apply

  • Athletes currently enrolled in school. Proof is required.

  • Student athletes who want to learn how to leverage their athletic and team leadership skills in the business world.

  • Recent graduates who held team leadership roles on their high school or college sports team.


CEO Fellow Activities

  1. Receive private lessons from admired CEOs, iconic leaders and sports legends

  2. Reflect on personal leadership style

  3. Create individual development plan to help you succeed in business world after graduation

  4. Brainstorm with leaders and solve difficult challenges

  5. Receive leadership coaching and honest feedback

  6. Develop relationships with other athletes and rising star leaders across the country

Getting Started:

  • Program is free.

  • We are funded by the generosity of CEOs and organizations that care deeply about leadership development.

  • Fellows are expected to commit 2 hours/week.

  • Autumn 2019 application begins on June 15, 2019 and is on a rolling basis.  


"Where else can you learn about leadership from the most admired CEOs on the planet?"  Joe Ratliffe, Princeton University, 2020