Student Testimonials

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""CEO Fellows has provided me with a platform to engage with an incredible community of students who are passionate about leadership development. Though the CEO workshops, I have learned the value of gaining management experience early in my career, constantly seeking feedback from colleagues, and understanding the 'big picture' of how an organization operates."

                           Graham Turk

                           Princeton University '17

                           Computer Science



"CEO Fellows is an amazing privilege to be a part of. I could not have made the connections I did with other student leaders across the country and the CEOs of top companies in the world anywhere else. I have learned about how the Clevland Clinic, Tyson Foods, and Cirque de Soleil are run from the inside and what it takes to lead such organizations and how to build those skills."

                           Henry Li

                           Harvard University '16

                           History and Literature, East Asian Studies

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"CEO Fellows program has introduced me to some of the most accomplished, yet personable people in the world. I have learned more in regard to leadership from my conversations with the CEOs in this program than ever before. Lots of people think they can lead a team, business or an entire company...but how many really can? This program lets people actually demonstrate their leadership potential, rather than just talk a big game."

                           Emily Bland

                           Vanderbilt University '18


Joe Ratliffe's Testimonial (Princeton University)