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What is CEO Fellows?


A Note from our Founder

Learn from the world’s best CEOs. 

CEO Fellows is a free program to widen the perspective of intellectually curious student-leaders.

Discover how the world's most respected CEOs and iconic leaders have overcome obstacles, learned from their mistakes, and honed their authentic leadership style. Our philosophy is that it takes a long time to develop the soft, but critical leadership skills needed to make a positive impact after graduation. Congratulations for getting an early start.

Last year participants received advice from CEOs of Intuit, Four Seasons, Cirque du Soleil, Kindred Healthcare, ADP, Wachtell Lipton, Sequoia Capital, Cleveland Clinic, Sullivan & Cromwell, Allen & Overy, Tyson Foods, Orrick Harrington, US Steel, and many Silicon Valley startups and investors.  

Jeffrey Cohn, Founder CEO Fellows